Math in Games and Puzzles

Educational interests Thematic interests of the child

For many parents studying in home schooling, this can be
quite a challenge, trying to find stimulating and creative educational ideas
for their children. In this digital age everything seems to come with a finger
touch screen, so it can be very helpful to find some educational activities
that do not require connecting to an outlet or batteries, and if they are
consistent with your child’s interests, they are most likely Results. Children
learn the coordination of eye muscles and mental strategy. Some of them are
even educational, and they can learn about history and culture, as in the era
of the empire. Children are pure shale. It depends on us, both parents and
families, to fill their knowledge. Children themselves will work to develop
their focus and skills as they develop, and these learning games will help.

Make your own project of dinosaurs (checkers)

For a child who is obsessed with dinosaurs, finding
educational dinosaurs themed events and games would be a good start when it comes to trying to captivate and attract them. For example, a simple game
concept, such as drafts (drafts), can be adapted to appeal to their young
minds. First, the project on art, design and mathematics consisted of eight
square squares with alternative black and white squares, a game board. This
taught important skills in measuring, evaluating and, of course, sharing when
the playing field was divided into sixty-four. The number sixty-four was
studied, and we considered other figures that could be divided into it to
produce an integer. All the funny and mathematical games, which were just a
prelude to the creation of game counters.

Triceratops vs. Tyrannosaurus rex

Now for gaming pieces, here again there are valuable
cognitive lessons to learn, and a variety of different learning styles to
appreciate and apply. Each side (white and black) in the game with checkers has opposite figures, so why not make them pieces of dinosaurs so that a young dinosaur fan can learn the beginnings of the devils (chasers) while having fun with dinosaurs. We wanted to create twelve dinosaurs playing plays for each side – only twenty-four, another opportunity to explore numbers and the number of integers. Taking twelve “tip-winks” from another game for each
side, we carefully pasted on them the image of the head of Triseratops or the
terrible jaws of T. rex. If you have a printer / scanner at home, this task can
be simplified, since one pattern can be scanned and manipulated to match the
size of the plastic “imitation” that will be the basis of the
counter. We chose T. rex and Triceratops, as we have just read together about
some of the fossils found by paleontologists that show that Tyrannosaurus rex
and Triceratops really fought each other in the Late Cretaceous.

Dinosaur Thematic Checkers

With care, each of the prehistoric animal drawings can be
attached to their base with a double-sided adhesive tape. Then quickly explain
the rules and where you have it, your own home school education project, to
make a set of dinosaur chips (drafts). This simple project refers to children
in a key stage with one and two key stages. This entails a little art and design,
with mathematical reinforcement and even the creation of a little national
curriculum, if you present the concept of a herbivore, pursued by carnivores –
food webs and food chains.


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